lördag 25 juni 2011

Best burger in Boulder

Jag var på konferens i Boulder i USA förra veckan och passade på att gör lite kulinariska undersökningar, inspirerad av bloggen Flippin' burgers.
Läsarna får ursäkta engelskan, men jag tänkte att om någon googlar efter vilken den bästa hamburgaren i Boulder är så kommer de att hitta detta inlägget.
  1.  Thunderbirds Burgers & BBQ – Surprisingly enough, or not, this is the best burgers I found during my week in Boulder (with an informal grade of 8 cows out of 10). In fact it was so good I think it is addicitve. I can’t really say why I think they are better than the others below. If it is the juciness of the beef cocked to perfection with a hard grilled outer and a pink inside, the excellent BBQ-sauce or the prefect proportions between beef, bread and condiments. The fries was unfortunately the thin type and not double-fried. We were the only customers there, which cannot be because of the burgers. The interior is what you would expect from a typical diner with a middle-aged waitress with a cigarette in the mouth, except without waitress. The personnel at this place were some young guys of Latin-American decent (they spoke Spanish) but they sure did know how to make a burger.
  2. Larkburger – Good cheeseburger (7 of 10), and definitely a place I could return to. Pretty crowded and the milk-shake machine was out of order. The cheeseburger would have marked higher if it had more and better dressing. The truffle & parmesan fries were good, but did not live up to the hype. To be honest I did not finish them (large portion).
  3. Whistler’s Café in Nederland, about 30 km form Boulder in the mountains. Ok bacon, avocado & cheeseburger without any frills (6 out of 10). As usual in all the places they had the thin kind of fries. The Dale’s Pale Ale which I had with the burger did not suit me at all and I could not even finish it, I had to order a glass of milk instead.
  4. Ted's Montana Grill. This was the first burger I tried in Boulder, and at that time I thought it was ok, even though the beef was too dry and crumbled when I ate the burger. But in retrospect it was not as good as any of the burgers above. If you want attention at the table form the waiter when you eat you would probably go to this chain, but in pure burger-power it is surpassed by any of the places above.
Oh, and if you are in Boulder I strongly recommend you watch Sventastic who regularly performs on Pearl Street when the weather permits. Amazaing act!

lördag 4 juni 2011

Dom första stegen...

Xipos treårige hagkompis Hugo håller på att ridas in. På filmen nedan kan man se honom trava under ryttare för andra gången i sitt liv.